This Visual Gallery presents my selected visualization works for previous papers, including framework, flowcharts, experimental figures, etc. I am always trying to find a better visual way to Simply, Clearly and Properly present my model and ideas.

Schematic diagram for a recent WWW paper, indicating different relationships between neighbors.

Survival probability for viral and non-viral cascades, this schematic diagram is for DEXA'18 (accepted).

This is actually a \figure :), we use lots of small sketches as entry for this figure (table), very cute! This figure is for American Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Data Science Problem), we won Meritorious Winner Award!

For this figure, I explore and change timeseries.py source code in Seaborn, lots of work.

I drawed it with Powerpoint, trying for tens of times, spending 3 days. This figure is the Framework of one paper for IJCAI'18 (rejected, pity!).

Diagram for a WWW paper with Powerpoint.

A experimental figure, the greatest job I have done. I change the Seaborn souce code, also study the color palette. I learned plenty of Knowledge when creating this. For ICDM'18 (accepted).

Bubble plot for error analysis, I personally think it is nice enough to be added here.

Rebuild one social network graph from Twitter, I like the structure.

Clique distribution for Stackexchange QA forums. Thanks to Prof. Hari Sundaram from CS@UIUC, I start to know these figure styles, hope to get more sense about how to make great figures.