Chaoqi Yang

Master of Science
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

chaoqiy2 [at]
never_say_never [at]
(+86) 158-2118-8556


Popularity Prediction:

  • Adversarial Training Model Unifying Feature Driven and Point Process Perspectives for Event Popularity Prediction. Qitian Wu, Chaoqi Yang, Hengrui Zhang, Xiaofeng Gao, Paul Weng, Guihai Chen
    [pdf], [slides], CIKM 2018, long paper.

  • EPAB: Early Pattern Aware Bayesian Model for Social Content Popularity Prediction. Qitian Wu, Chaoqi Yang, Xiaofeng Gao, Peng He, Guihai Chen
    [pdf], ICDM 2018, short paper.

  • EPOC: a survival perspective Early Pattern detection model for Outbreak Cascades. Chaoqi Yang, Qitian Wu, Xiaofeng Gao, Guihai Chen
    [pdf], [slides], DEXA 2018, long paper.